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GCS Groundcare are the last word in gardening and ground maintenance across Essex and Hertfordshire. Helmed by Sonny Davies, the GCS team are passionate about all things green and making green spaces look as good as possible, whether they’re taking on a large sports ground or a tiny suburban garden.

Of course, spending all day on the mower means it’s hard to find the time to build a fantastic website and digital presence for a business. Luckily, that sort of stuff is Top Frog’s bread and butter! We were overjoyed to partner up with Sonny and GCS when they asked us to help them turbo-charge their brand’s digital life and take their business’s online presence to the next level.

Our work with GCS is a great example of what we do to make a brand’s digital life better and more effective, so we thought we’d tell the story here. If you’d like to know more about how we work and how we can make the digital world work for your business, read on to learn more!

First Steps – Building a Website

A few years prior, we had helped out GCS with creating a logo for their brand, which back then was all they really needed. In the years since, their business had grown and their digital needs with it, so it was time for us to really get to work.

Sonny and GCS GroundCare got the full branding package – we built everything from the ground up (no pun intended), designing new versions of the logo and coming up with full brand guidelines for GCS content.

Brand guidelines, for those who don’t know, are a specific set of rules for how a brand’s communications should look and feel, and they tend to cover everything from tone of voice to colour schemes and even fonts. It means that everything a brand says and does has a consistent feel – across all different platforms and types of media. We worked out exactly what styles and colours would work best for GCS, and then started work on designing the wireframe of the website.

The branding needed to look friendly, inviting and professional. We did a full photography service for GCS, creating our own imagery that would allow us to really nail the visual identity for the business and producing a bank of imagery we could use on multiple different channels.

From there we tackled the homepage, and once we had Sonny’s seal of approval for how it looked, we were ready to start building the rest of the website.

Taking it Further – Turbo-Charging the Brand

Sonny is a guy with big ambitions – that’s why he gets on so well with the Top Frog team! While some clients prefer a hands-off approach, Sonny wanted to be involved with all aspects of the process. Either way suits us just fine! When it came time to start adding rich, entertaining content to the website we’d built for GCS, we invited Sonny down to the office to spend a day with our writing team, developing ideas for blogs and other website content. After a fantastic day’s work, we had at our disposal the foundations for loads of fantastic future content.

The nature of GCS’s business, with a huge range of different services offered to clients, meant that the website needed loads of content. Working to ensure we had enough words and pictures to cover everything we needed to, in a manner that was scaleable and in-keeping with the GCS brand guidelines, was definitely a challenge, but it was one that we massively enjoyed!

It was also important that our content fell in line with GCS’s values – the importance of green spaces and looking after the environment in particular – be represented at the heart of everything we created for them. At Top Frog, when we take on a brand’s digital life, that brand’s core values always underpin everything we do, from social media posts to the building an entire website.

The Future

We’re still working with GCS to deliver fantastic regular content for their brand’s digital life, both on their website in the form of blogs and news updates, and on their social media channels. It’s always a pleasure to hear from Sonny, and we remain in regular close contact to get his thoughts and feedback on everything we’re doing to help his business grow.

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