Datasound Labs help turn visions and concepts into reality. Providing industrial computing solutions that exceed expectations, with a super-fast turnaround, the Datasound team specialise in providing their clients with an expert service, whether that’s in electronic design, touchscreen panels, single-board computers, industrial PCs or whatever else. For those special clients, for whom off-the-shelf products simply aren’t good enough, DSL are there to deliver them exactly what they need, with an exhaustive range of flexible customisation options, and a thoroughly expert service.

DSL needed a website that explained all this and more, so they got in touch with Top Frog and tasked us with a simple mission – could we deliver them a website that would tell their prospective customers all this and more, while still looking great and functioning perfectly?

That’s the kind of challenge we love. Read on to find out more about how we helped Datasound Laboratories realise their vision – and also learn more about what we could do for you and your brand… 

First Steps – The Website

When we first took on the job, DSL already had a website that had been designed by someone else, so this time we weren’t completely working from scratch. We had to adapt the design of the site to include everything we wanted to put on there – things like customer testimonials, a live-chat button, a quote-request button and more. 

The DSL team wanted their homepage to be more engaging and glossy, to attract in customers with a sharp, eye-catching design. This is a specialty of ours, so we were happy to comply, however from there the job grew in scope! After all, it doesn’t make sense to overhaul a homepage if the other pages on the site are all going to adhere to the old style, so it wasn’t long before we were agreeing to redesign the entire site.



Taking It Further – Design and Build

DSL is a complex company that offers a lot of specific, bespoke services for clients who know exactly what they want. This makes their website a complex proposition too. This meant that it was critical to nail down the entire design completely before we started building anything – if we ended up needing to make changes after we’d already committed to a design, we could end up really making things difficult for ourselves in the long run. 

So, we developed the website in its entirety in a prototyping tool before committing to anything. This meant we could dynamically develop ideas, fine-tune the design and make changes in response to feedback from the DSL team.

The design and build stages were kept entirely separate, and we made sure all decisions were made up front. We love to play around with websites, try different things and see how they work, and this kind of approach is perfect for doing that. If you create the right playground, making a website isn’t just valuable, it’s fun too! Well, we like it, anyway!

This approach also meant that while the design phase of our DSL website project was longer than usual, the build phase was extremely quick! We had everything locked in, all we had to do was load it into the wireframe, and DSL had a fully functioning website where their clients could browse services, get a feel for the company, and get in touch to discuss their project and their needs.

We also created blogging space where DSL could post updates on everything that was going on with the company – which is great not only for making an interesting website, but also for pushing a company up the search rankings.

We had a great time making the DSL website, and we’re really proud of the result.

The Future

We’re still working with DSL and looking at the best ways that Top Frog can continue to deliver value in their brand’s digital life. That may take the form of social media updates, where we can share blogs and other posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to reach DSL’s target audience and help them generate new leads. It may also include generating an email newsletter to allow current and potential future customers to sign up for updates from the company, which is a great way to keep in touch with your client base directly.

For now, as they say, watch this space!

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